Online casino real money – A review about the UK‘s best Online Casino Real Money

You want to bet real money in the online casino and play for the first winnings? Today, numerous different providers offer you their services. But which online casino real money no deposit is the best? Especially laymen have a hard time finding the right provider for their needs. That’s why we provide important insights in our test report and support you in your selection.

Everyone would love to collect an online casino real money no deposit bonus and then play on the best slots. But on which websites is that really possible? Our team of experts provides you with all the important information for your next casino adventure. So there will soon be nothing standing in the way of your registration.

Simply choose your favorite online casino including bonus and register within a few minutes. Right after that, you can start placing your first bets. We keep our fingers crossed for you!

Online casino real money

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Why is the choice at an online casino real money no deposit such a big deal? In our opinion anyone who wants to wager real money in an online casino is already laying the foundation for possible success by deciding on a provider. For this reason, we should take enough time to make a solid decision. Each of our reviews therefore summarizes all the information you need for your decision.

For about 20 years now, everyone has been talking about slot machines. The number of providers available for free registration has grown considerably in that time. However, the sites differ on the one hand in terms of their quality, and on the other hand in terms of their objectives. Therefore, it is all the more important that you find a site that is perfect for your playing conditions.

Many of our readers attach great importance to a high real money casino games bonus. Of course this is a great way to create additional financial opportunities. But the mere fact that a site gives you 500 pounds in credit to start with does not mean that it is the best choice for you. Because in addition to the bonus itself, there are other factors that you should keep in mind when choosing an online casino real money no deposit. We would like to go into the most important points in more detail below.

Enjoy the best real money online casino slots

When we play at a real money casino, we want to play the best slots possible. Most of the time there are hundreds or even thousands of slots available to you after logging in. Almost every conceivable theme has now been realised in this way. And even professionals always have the opportunity to explore new interesting games. But what are the clear differences between the games? In our opinion, the following three factors are decisive:

Reels: Sometimes there are three, sometimes four and sometimes five reels on which the symbols rotate. The trend in recent years has clearly been towards a larger playing field. This creates space for many different combinations and more variety in the game. If you would like to experience more variation, the plus reels are the right choice. Winnings flow into your cash register especially regularly.

Pay lines: But how must the symbols be arranged so that the next cashflow comes? The paylines that run across the field are decisive. On some slots there are only 7 to 10 different winning ways – on others there are a whopping 243. A quick look at the game description will show you how likely the payout is in your case. As a rule, a higher stake is required if you choose a higher number of paylines.

Features: Just let the symbols rotate dully over the reels all the time? For many players, that‘s not enough. The big developers have therefore integrated various features into their games a long time ago. The free spins with scatter symbol and the risk round following your successes are usually great ways to provide variety. Modern video slots master this variation perfectly and provide the best entertainment.

Jackpot games

When we wager real money in an online casino, we also want to get something for it. But where is the chance of winning the most? If real money is wagered in the online casino, most people like to gamble on the jackpot slots. As the name already says, the maximum winnings are fed by the contributions of the players. With the right bet at the right time, you have the chance to win a lot of money. With slots like Mega Moolah, the real-money casino winnings even reach into the millions!

But we can’t always just switch to the jackpots. For example, if you want to play through your casino online real money without making a deposit, you first have to take a look at the normal slot machines. Often, the turnover requirements do not allow jackpot games to be used for the conversion of the bonus. In our online casino real money test, we explain to you exactly what you have to expect when converting the bonus.

Free grames

In the online real money casino it is played according to our normal imagination. However, practice shows that there is also a free alternative available. We are talking about demo versions that can be used without betting. Often you even have the possibility to play without registering. On one hand, all beginners who have not had any experience with casinos can benefit. The one or other typical beginner’s mistake that might occur can be cushioned in this way. After all, only play money is at stake during these rounds!

Those who first complete this trial course in the real money casino can also be annoyed afterwards. Because if things go surprisingly well, there are of course no real winnings associated with it. But of course we don’t know in advance whether luck will be with us. After all, not every casino for real money has the popular free mode. We will show you where you can test everything without risk in our online casino real money test.

The most important developers

When you choose your real money casino, you also make a decision about the games you can choose from. However, the provider does not launch these games itself. Instead, there are several large developers behind the offers, who supply many casinos for real money with them at the same time. We would now like to explain the three biggest names that you should definitely know for the start in more detail.


Players in the world of online casinos have been able to rely on the services of NetEnt for many years. The roots of the Swedish provider go back to the last millennium. In the meantime, many a popular long-running hit has come out of its forge. At the top of the list is the classic Starburst, which you can find on many sites. For all friends of the music world, there is also a lot to discover. The Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead slots in particular shine.


Play’n’Go launches over 200 different slot machines. This assortment can be found on many different platforms. With machines like Book of Dead, Gemix or Hugo, the site convinces its players. With games like Rise of Merlin, the company has also successfully entered the world of magic. The company has been a constant in the industry since 2009 and you can find it in many well-stocked online casino real money no deposit.


Who is behind all the slots that remind us so much of the big blockbusters? In most cases, Microgaming has its fingers in the pie. The company, founded in 1994, likes to put on a big show. With Game of Thrones or Jurassic Park, expensive licences have been acquired again and again to inspire as many players as possible. In the meantime, the developer can even be found in the field of table and card games. Thanks to the consistently high quality, it is definitely worthwhile to take this provider into your shortlist.

Card games and Live Casino

Even if you are more into tradition, you can find what you are looking for in modern real money casinos. There is hardly any provider that completely dispenses with table and card games. You can try your luck at any time at the tables for blackjack, roulette, baccarat or blackjack. Often, the individual games are even available in different variations, making it even easier for you to choose.

Even offline, these games can provide good entertainment. However, many players appreciate the live casino even more. There you have the opportunity to find a free seat in real streams. The action in real time makes for a particularly realistic impression. A live casino is not only a real choice for well-heeled players. The stakes often start at the first 10 pence. Even low-rollers with little financial leeway can therefore participate.

Online casino real money sign-up – Start in only 2 minutes

You also want to bag a real money casino games bonus without deposit? If you are at least 18 years old, there is nothing to stop you from registering. Good and reputable online casinos want to make it as easy as possible for you. In our experience, only two minutes are usually enough to register successfully. The most important steps you need to take are explained in more detail here:

  • Find the right website: Find your favourite real money casino on our platform. Bonus, game offer and of course the seriousness play a huge role.
  • Personal details: The whole registration process starts with your personal details. Your name, place of residence and age must be entered (correctly). You can call up the appropriate form in your casino with one click.
  • Confirm your e-mail address: Before your account is activated, you have to confirm the e-mail you entered. This is usually a matter of 30 seconds.
  • Deposit: Choose a suitable payment method and start the transfer. Important: only use amounts that you can really afford.

Identification of safe online casinos

Once we start at the casino, we need the certainty that we will end up with a reputable provider. Our online casino real money test shows you how serious the individual sites are. In addition, you can take a look at the most important features yourself. We would now like to present the most important ones to you in more detail.

In a first step, the licence of the provider plays a major role. This must be recognised in the EU so that you can also access the site safely in the United Kingdom. Appropriate licences are issued, for example, by the Malta Gaming Authority and in Gibraltar. A quick look at the lower part of the homepage should be enough to find all the important information about the licence.

The real money online casino experiences of the players are also important for you. Some customers may have been active on a certain site for weeks or months. Have there been any reports of fraud or rip-offs? If the reports come from an independent source, they provide you with a valuable insight into the machinations of the site. Supposedly genuine reports published directly on the casino’s site could just as well be fake.

Fair conditions for your real money casino games and other bonus offers are also an important requirement. Some real money casinos put many obstacles in the way of their players until they can pay out their bonus one day. If a digital casino plays with open cards from the first minute, this is also a clear indication of seriousness. In this case, you can proceed with the registration with a clear conscience.

Real money casino games

Once we decide to play in a casino, we want to start with a rich bonus. Almost every provider now offers the chance to start with additional credit. For you as a player, it is of course an advantage if you don’t have to deposit every pound yourself. However, the amount of the bonus alone is not decisive for its quality. Instead, it depends on the bonus conditions.

But what does your online casino real money bonus look like in practice? There are many different options available to you. Let’s now take a closer look at the different types you can choose from.

Real money casino games

A free bonus is probably the best way to play at a real money casino without making a deposit. More and more providers provide us with a real money no deposit bonus. It is in the nature of things that such a bonus is not quite as high. Most of the time, it ends at 10 or 20 pound. But you get the money credited directly after registration. So you don’t even have to make a deposit to enjoy this bonus.

For this reason, the online casino real money bonus without deposit is the best way for new customers to get an idea of a new casino. How good is the selection of games? And does the website meet your expectations? In order to clarify these questions, it is no longer necessary to reach directly into your own wallet. Instead, you have the opportunity to use the free bonus.

Yes, of course you can achieve the same effect with a free demo account. But if you gamble in this way, you will be rather annoyed about the first successful rounds. After all, in this situation there is no possibility to withdraw real winnings. From our point of view, the real money casino games with no deposit and a little help to get started is the better choice. Maybe you will manage to put a few pound aside as your first winnings.

The welcome bonus

You can secure by far the highest bonus in the form of the welcome bonus. These offers, which are also called deposit bonuses, are available for the first deposit on the site. This can be doubled, for example, up to a sum of 100 or 500 pound. How much money you get transferred to your account is ultimately also a question of your deposit.

Such a bonus offers you the chance to no longer have to deposit every pound with which you want to start playing. This makes it much easier for you to dare to place a higher bet in the real money casino. After all, the old rule of thumb is: the higher the stake, the higher your potential winnings.

In order to receive real money bonus offers in the online casino, it is not only the first deposit that plays a role. Often you have the chance to be rewarded several times as part of a whole package. For example, you can top up your account with the second deposit if things didn’t go quite so well at the beginning. Ultimately, of course, it depends on your choice of casino how high your bonus will be at the end of the day. A good comparison of the offers is therefore the cornerstone so that you can get as much as possible out of the promotions.

Free games

If you look at the offers for the welcome bonus, you will come across free spins again and again. Some online casino real money offers give you 25, 50 or even 100 spins as a new customer. The free spins have the advantage that you can use them to explore and play high-class slots without having to pay the stake yourself. The casino takes care of that. The spins themselves usually have an equivalent value of 0.10 pound per spin.

So you spin the reels eagerly and can even make real winnings in the meantime. Because every pound you earn in this phase goes directly into your account. This gives you the opportunity to significantly increase your bonus amount. In addition, good online casinos select the best real money slots for the free spins. So you can be sure to explore the absolute top class of games.

Your winnings from the free spins then only have to be converted until the payout is possible. With a bit of luck, you can even increase the earnings in the further game rounds. In our opinion, these are all good reasons to take a closer look at these offers and enter the world of free spins yourself. On our page, we show you where you can enjoy a particularly large number of these spins.

VIP offers

But do only newcomers have the opportunity to collect real money in the form of bonuses at the online casino? A large number of providers also take care of registered existing customers. Those who want to remain loyal to the site for longer are rewarded with access to exclusive promotions. VIP offers, for example, provide for the collection of loyalty points, which are awarded for wagers and deposits. Those who are active for a longer period of time have the opportunity to exchange their points for exclusive rewards. Often there is even the possibility to choose between several offers. In this way, the bonus can be perfectly adapted to one’s own needs.

But collecting VIP points is not the only way to soon be among the winners. On the other hand, there is an entire event calendar on many sites. There, all seasonal promotions are listed that are available for a limited period of time. You can access them not only if you are still a new customer yourself. It is also an exciting offer for those who have been active on the platform for a while.

Good real money casinos offer you even more advantages. These include, for example, a personal account manager who is freely available to you. On other platforms, as a VIP you enjoy the advantage that your payouts are executed even faster. You will definitely find ways and means to benefit personally from this.

Bonus terms and conditions

How can an online casino real money afford to give us any money at all? The decisive factor in this case is the bonus conditions. Only after the bonus has been wagered you have the possibility to withdraw the money. The heart of the matter is usually the question of how often you have to play through your bonus. Sometimes it’s 30, sometimes 40 and sometimes 70 passes. The stricter the requirement, the harder it will be for you to get the money to the finish line.

When we test a real money casino for you, we also go into the respective deadline. This is because you often have a certain period of time in which the money has to be wagered. If a provider insists on a deadline of only two weeks, it can be rather difficult to play through the bonus without time pressure. We therefore emphasise those real money casinos with plus points that do not put their customers under time pressure and do not put the gun to their chest.

For the bonus conditions, a look at our test reports is especially worthwhile for you. For you, we have gone through all the small print information that the providers provide on their site. This saves you the trouble of having to do your own research.

Online casino real money payments

Before we can even think about our first online casino real money win, we have to clarify the question of deposit. Because of course you first need a credit balance to get you started. The more different payment methods an online casino offers you, the better. At most modern casinos you have the choice between these payment methods:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer
  • Neosurf
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Instant bank transfer
  • EcoPayz
  • Apple Pay
  • Giropay
  • Cryptocurrencies

Some of these payment methods have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important for you to make a well-considered decision. This applies, for example, with regard to the subsequent payment duration. Especially with a real money casino payout, we don’t want to wait too long for our winnings. Many players are simply happy when it arrives promptly in their account. E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller perform very well in this question. Here, it takes no longer than 24 hours for the amount to arrive in your account. In other cases, we have to plan for significantly longer waiting times, for example with the classic bank transfer. You should definitely take this into account when choosing your payment method.

In the online casino real money test, we also check the possible fees for all deposits and withdrawals. Every win in the casino is hard-won. We want to avoid that our casino provider also charges a fee for the payment. The good news is: currently there are only very few providers who charge such a fee on transactions. In most cases, the desired amount arrives in your account down to the last cent.

A third point we check in our test is the limits on payments. Low rollers, for example, need to be able to start with a small amount of money. If possible, your deposit should start at 10 pound. If a real money casino offers this flexibility, we are of course satisfied. If a site performs significantly worse, a deposit is often only possible from a sum of 50 pound or more. For low-rollers with a tight budget, this can quickly be too much.

Even more decisive, however, are the withdrawal limits. A reputable provider will ensure that not only particularly high winnings entitle you to a payout. Instead, you should be able to initiate the transfer even if there are only 20 pound in the account. Instead, the black sheep pursue the goal of forcing customers to give up their accounts by making a payout no longer seem like a realistic option.

How the online casino real money test works

We have now told you a lot about the criteria that are important for our online casino real money test. But in what steps do we take a new casino under the microscope? Transparency is particularly important to us, after all, we also demand it from the casinos. We would like to explain this to you once again:

The first impression

In a first step, we look at the external characteristics of our test object. Does the site make a serious impression and does it present the important seal of a European authority? Can we find our way around the site easily, even as first-time visitors? And which company, possibly already known to us, is behind the offer? Often, this first step of the investigation already gives us a feeling of who we are dealing with.

Our registration

In a second step, we register in the online casino real money to give you a particularly realistic impression. Of course, we also enjoy playing a round or two. We also activate the bonus to check its quality. Often, we are active regularly for several weeks to be able to collect deeper impressions of the site. In this way, we can look into the last corner and report on the quality of the site.

Customer experiences

In a third step, we put the testimonials of other users of the real money casino next to our own experiences. Are there any differing opinions about this particular online casino real money? Every now and then, this gives us an impression of which aspect we have not yet sufficiently considered. The experiences of other customers are also included in our report, provided they come from a reputable source.

Only in a final step do we write the actual report. For this, we fall back on our usual structure and guide you through the different chapters of the test. This way you can form your own opinion of the site within a short time. At the end, we assess whether you can register with the site with a clear conscience.

Discover new things continuously

Are you looking for a real money casino games or the right online casino real money bonus without deposit? The industry is in a state of flux and has grown considerably in recent years. And new exciting casinos are still being added almost every month, which are definitely worth a look.

We keep you up to date here and present you with the most important offers again and again. Whether it’s just for one evening or as a permanent companion for the next few years – you will always find an interesting online casino for you. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for your registration and of course hope for your first winnings.